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World’s top twitter trends, trendsetters, analysis, and more. 

We are proud to announce that eTrenders.com is the first social media aggregator capable to analyze top trends to produce the list of Top Trendsetters for any location in the world.

eTrenders.com is a project of AbmaSoft. We built this project to make our lives easier following the latest happenings and trends on all media. Social media has taken our lives by storm and following what is happening around us is quite time-consuming and takes away a lot of energy in our daily lives. So that was the main reason we wanted to build a place where we can check out the latest trends and trendsetters in a glance without effort More t the latest trends should follow us wherever we want them and whenever we want them, in our inbox, mobile app or browser window. We can get the latest alerts and daily update digest on-demand without any effort. So that may help us focus on our jobs, businesses,, and families and let the latest and hottest trends from social media reach us effortlessly.

Being a social media marketing company we needed to keep an eye on certain trends and activities online to measure the effect of our campaigns. This is also now easy with eTrenders.com as it offers comprehensive trend analysis and the players involved in it.

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