Nation remembers APS martyrs on the seventh anniversary

In the deadliest fear assault in the nation’s set of experiences, 131 schoolchildren and 10 others were martyred when intensely furnished assailants raged the school expanding on December 16, 2014.

The assault had stunned the whole country as fear mongers raged inside the school and terminated at kids who were going to classes at that point.

Innocent souls still waiting for justice

On December 24, 2014 — seven days later the fear-based oppressor struck, then, at that point, head of the state Nawaz Sharif declared an exhaustive system to overcome what many had come to accept was an existential danger to Pakistan.

The arrangement likewise included strides for the enlistment and guideline of theological schools, a prohibition on the glorification of fear-based oppressors in the media, Fata changes, destroying of the correspondence organizations of psychological oppressors, measures against maltreatment of the web and online media for illegal intimidation, alter the course of aggressiveness, a Karachi activity to end wilderness and to deny space to aggressors and radicalism.

Sacrifices of martyrs of Army Public School have not gone in vain

Head of the state Imran Khan, in his message on the seventh commemoration of Army Public School’s appalling episode, has encouraged the country to remain solidly joined against the components attempting to spread friction and bias on partisan, strict, and ethnic lines.

The Prime Minister said the country ought to recognize these components in their positions and help the state in destroying them.

Imran Khan said the time has demonstrated that illegal intimidation has no religion or country rather a fainthearted attitude can even utilize youngsters to satisfy their shameful plans.

Imran Khan said the penances of saints of Army Public School have not gone to no end. He said after this disgusting episode, the Pakistani country got joined together and defied the hazard with firm purpose. He said under the National Action Plan, the foe was designated and dispensed within their sanctums.

In the meantime, in a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized that the public authority won’t ever let down the survivors and guardians of the martyred youngsters. He said there is no capacity to bear viciousness and those involving it as an instrument. He said Pakistan has effectively crushed psychological warfare.

“As a nation we have come a long way to defeat terrorism, we are moving towards lasting peace and development in Pakistan,” the minister said.

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