Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Kicks Off With a Great Start

The 2022 Winter Olympics also known as Beijing 2022 officially began on 4 February. It is an international multi-sports event commonly known as XXIV Olympics Winter Games is happening in Beijing, China.

The opening ceremony of Winter Olympics 2022 was held at the National Stadium also called “Bird’s Nest” at sharp 8 pm on Friday. Moreover, China overcome all the unforeseen circumstances faced due to Covid 19 to make the Olympics event possible. 

The President of OIC Thomas Bach Has Something to Say About Winter Olympics 2022

“This Year of the Tiger is also an Olympic Year.” “ Both the Year of the Tiger and the Olympic Tiger stands for ambition, courage, and strength. Today, thanks to this ambition, China is a winter sports country. Well over 300 million people are engaged in winter sports in about 2,000 ski resorts and ice rinks.”

After the opening ceremony, Thomas Bach delivered a speech where he said,

“Dear athletes, We are all standing with you. We are all supporting you. We are all cheering you on.”

He added,

Also, China started a campaign to engage 300 million people for the preparation of the big event.

“Well over 300 million Chinese people are now taking up sport on snow and ice in about 2,000 ski resorts and ice rinks across the country. This is why I would like to congratulate the Chinese Olympic Committee and the entire sports movement in China on this outstanding achievement. Today China is a winter sport country,”

Thomas said,

“The income from winter sport in China exceeded roughly $61 billion in the last season. In 2019, more than 100 million tourists visited the Olympic mountain regions alone. By 2025, China’s winter sport industry is expected to reach $155 billion in value. From this tremendous growth, the winter sports industry across the globe will greatly benefit because of the high demand for infrastructure, equipment, and expertise.”

Bach said,

People are Tweeting About The Spectacular Opening Ceremony Of This Mega Event

Beijing 2022 Working on Green Management

“Beijing 2022 is also showcasing solutions for a more sustainable future. From re-using venues from the Olympic Games 2008; to powering all Beijing 2022 venues with renewable energy; to minimizing environmental impacts and reducing carbon emissions – all these initiatives underline the commitment of Beijing 2022 to contribute to the sustainable development in China.”

President of OIC said in a speech,

Additionally, the Winter Olympics will feature 109 events and games, some of which are new to the people. The games include bobsleigh, figure skating, short track, freestyle skiing, speed skating, curling, ski jumping, biathlon and, snowboard. So, for this mega event, the Chinese Govt. and Traders are paying around $3.9 billion.

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