Is this the start of World War III as Russia assaults Ukraine?

Russia announced a battle on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24 with Russian President Vladimir Putin calling it a tactical activity.

Putin has likewise cautioned different countries not to disrupt the Russian activity as it would bring about “outcomes they have never seen”. Not long after his declaration, large blasts were seen in Ukraine’s Kyiv, Kharkiv, and different areas.

Putin claimed the operation is in reaction to threats from Ukraine in a televised speech early Thursday morning. He went on to say that Russia does not want to occupy Ukraine, but that the Ukrainian “government” is to blame for the killing. Putin also warned other nations that interfering with Russia’s actions would result in “never-before-seen repercussions.”

The invasion that many feared has started, so how concerned should we be at home?

The move heightened regional tensions, raising worries of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin also sent Russian troops into eastern Ukraine for a “peacekeeping” mission in the Moscow-backed territories, according to the Kremlin.

Here’s what netizens posted on Twitter under the #WorldWar3:

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