Russo-Ukrainian Crisis – A New Twist In The Story

The ongoing crisis of the Russo-Ukrainian war had begun in 2014. Earlier this year, Russia made a draft including a legal promise to make sure that Ukraine couldn’t join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) as well as a reduction in NATO Troops and military equipment positioned in Eastern Europe, and compromised vague military reaction in the event that those requests were not met in full.

Also, NATO has dismissed these solicitations, and the United States cautioned Russia of “quick and serious” financial assents would it be a good idea for it further attack Ukraine. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State said that Russia is accumulating more troops on the Ukrainian line and could invade Ukraine at any time soon. 

US Secretary of State Talks About The Ongoing War Between Russia & Ukraine

“We’re in a window when an invasion could begin at any time, and to be clear that includes during the Olympics,”

US Secretary of State said,

“We’ve made every possible effort to engage Russia,”

“But at the same time, we’ve been very clear in building deterrence and building defense and making it clear to Russia that if it chooses the path of renewed aggression, it will face massive consequences.”

Antony Blinken said,

Over the Russo-Ukrainian War, US President Joe Biden urged the Americans to immediately leave the country.

“American citizens should leave, should leave now,”

“We’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. This is a very different situation and things could go crazy quickly. “

Biden said in an interview,

Twitter is Filled with Mindful Thoughts Regarding the Big Issue

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