What Happened in Murree, Pakistan ?

Around 21 people have passed on after heavy snow caught them in their vehicles as a huge number of visitors crowded Pakistan’s resort town of Murree accident 2022. Most of the casualties passed on from hypothermia. More than feet (122cm) of snow fell in the space of the Murree Hills resort overnight Friday and early on Saturday, trapping thousands of cars on roadways. The snow was so severe that heavy equipment brought in to clear it initially got stuck during the night. Temperatures fell to minus 8 degrees Celsius (17.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Crisis authorities dispersed food and covers to individuals while they were caught in their snowed-in vehicles, yet numerous passed on from hypothermia. Others might have Others may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning after running their car heaters for long periods of time.

Snow-trapped tourists rescued

After the death of 21 people, all other stranded tourists have been rescued in the northern hill station of the Murree region.

Pakistan Army and local authorities contributed to rescuing the tourists stuck on Murree roads and also provides blankets, food and shifted them to safe places. All the roads are also being cleared and announce the tourists not to visit Murree in the next few days. As the weather is not good in the north hill of Murree.

”All stranded vehicles have been checked and all people in those vehicles shifted to relief camps.”

¬ Pakistan Army

Prime Minster announces inquiry.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed shock over the “tragic deaths”.

“Have ordered inquiry and putting in place strong regulations to ensure prevention of such tragedies.”

`Imran Khan

Recordings shared via online media showed whole families, including kids, lying dead in their snow-covered vehicles.

Snowfall, which started on Tuesday night, proceeded at ordinary stretches, drawing in a huge number of visitors. Due to the enormous quantities of visitors, numerous families ended up getting abandoned on the streets.

There were alerts of weighty snow and that prompted a complete fiasco since many people were trapped in their vehicles. Their vehicles were covered under piles of snow.

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