Tonga Volcanic Eruption Viral Videos

Massive Undersea Volcanic Eruption And Tsunami Videos Went Viral on YouTube

The massive volcanic eruption took place near the island of Tonga – country of Oceanic near Australia and New Zealand on Saturday that destroyed around 100 houses in Tonga and 50 in Tongatapu; the main island of Tonga.  According to the High Commission of New Zealand, the tsunami and eruption caused great damage to the island of Tonga.

More than 20 Million People Watched The Volcanic Blast And Tsunami Videos Worldwide in 24 hours of the event!

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It was one of the loudest western disturbances occur in the history of the world. The blast tremendously affected more than 170 islands and 100,000 people in Tonga.

“This might be the loudest eruption since the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Krakatau in 1883.” 

 According to the Michael Poland, a geophysicist

“It’s with sadness to say that our beautiful home Ha’atafu beach resort has been completely wiped out. The whole western coastline has been completely destroyed along with Kanukupolu village,”

A Beach Resort Owner in Tongatapu posted on Facebook about damage. He said that:

Moreover, the powerful explosion activated its large waves to other countries as well. Some parts of Japan saw nine feet tall high waves and the west coast of the United States also faced three to four feet high waves. Also, one person died of high water pressure in Peru. Before the eruption, Tsunami warnings were declared in the parts of Peru, New Zealand, Tonga, etc.

“The large and explosive lateral spread of the eruption suggests that it was probably the biggest one since about the 1991 eruption of Pinatubo,”

According to New Zealand based Volcanologist Shane Cronin:

“This is all very speculative, because we have no seismometers nearby,” he said. “A lot of our knowledge about the volcanic activity is all reactionary — we don’t have any forecasting capabilities, with no seismic stations working there and no other instrumentation at all. It’s very frustrating.”

He added further

After the huge volcanic eruption, Tonga faced digital darkness as the undersea cable went off on Saturday night. The connection became completely dark after one hour of volcanic eruption. 

“One of the key issues is that there are very few vessels that are equipped to lay and repair undersea cables,”

Amanda Watson, a researcher of Australian University of Pacific Affairs stated that:

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