Rafael Nadal Takes Internet by Storm After Winning 21st Grand Slam Title in Australian Open Final 2022

Spanish professional tennis player Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera, appeared in a classic Australian Open Final 2022 and win the 21st Grand Slam title by beating Russia’s Daniil Medvedev after recovering from Covid 19. He is the first male tennis player to win 21 Grand Slams titles in tennis history.

Recently, Nadal had injury problems but he made no mistake while performing and showed the World that he is a Champion as some reporters and other media personnel mocked him because of not performing 100% in his starting two games but he came back stronger than ever and won the most prestigious title in the world. 

 “I feel alive in terms of my tennis life, of my tennis career and I am super happy to be again in the final of the Australian Open. I’m happy that I’m gonna have a chance.”

Before the game start, Rafael stated that,

Nadal’s Response After Winning The Prestigious Title

“I was repeating to myself during the whole match, ‘I lost a lot of times here having chances, sometimes I was a little bit unlucky. “I just wanted to keep believing until the end.

After winning the title, Nadal said,

“Tonight has been unforgettable. I feel very lucky.”

He further added,

“Of course, after this month of practicing hard, playing very long matches, the foot was able to hold all this stress, of course, I feel more confident that I going to have the chance to keep going, keep fighting, keep enjoying this beautiful sport. That’s what makes me happy. I just feel confident now that I going to have my chances to keep playing tennis for a while, yeah.”

While talking about his injury, Nadal indicated that,

His 21st Grand Slam title is very memorable considering the foot injury and recovering Covid19.

“It was one of the most emotional matches in my tennis career.” “It’s just amazing now (given) one month-and-a-half ago I didn’t know if I will be able to be back on the tour playing tennis again. “And today I’m here in front of all of you having this trophy with me.”

Nadal said after the victory,

Twitter Reacts to Rafael Nadal’s Win

Covid 19 Vaccine Memes Goes Viral After Rafael Won 21st Grand Slam Title

Rafael Nadal made history on Sunday after fighting with Corona Virus Covid 19 , Twitter are loaded with loads of funny memes on Covid vaccination.

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