Scientists discover the Eighth Continent

A group of geologists had stood out as truly newsworthy in 2017 for their declaration of finding Zealandia – Te Riu-a-Māui in the Māori language. It is a huge mainland of 1.89 million sq miles (4.9 million sq km) it is multiple times the size of Madagascar, the telecaster revealed.

The maps reveal new information about how Zealandia formed before it became submerged underwater millions of years ago. 

As per the BBC report, the world’s reference books, guides, and web crawlers for quite a still up in the air over the way that there are just seven landmasses, yet the group unhesitatingly educated the world that this was off-base.

“There are eight after all – and the latest addition breaks all the records, as the smallest, thinnest, and youngest in the world. The catch is that 94% of it is underwater, with just a handful of islands, such as New Zealand, thrusting out from its oceanic depths. It had been hiding in plain sight all along,”


An underwater continent nearly 2 million square miles in size 

Zealandia’s area is nearly 2 million square miles (5 million square kilometers) — about half the size of Australia. Be that as it may, just 6% of the landmass is above ocean level. That part supports New Zealands north and south islands and the island of New Caledonia. The rest is submerged, which makes Zealandia testing to review.

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