World’s first smart social media top trends aggregator beta launched

Lahore, Pakistan – eTrenders is an automated platform to find live top trending topics, trendsetters & influencers around the world from top social networks. The project is launched by a team of IT professionals based in Lahore, Pakistan, and working under the banner of AbmaSoft Inc. 

eTrenders is the world’s first smart social media top trends aggregator equipped with algorithms to find top trendsetters and grade them. The platform is analyzing top social media trends in more than 60 countries in the beta testing phase. 

Key features include building Twitter’s top trend history, locations list, building top trendsetter, and influencer lists. Similarly, for YouTube eTrenders has a top trendsetter channels list for each country along with other statistics of top trending videos locations, views, and likes.

The platform is open for the public to use at – Next plans include launching Andriod and IOS apps for eTrenders and also integrating more social networks in the platform. With mobile apps, eTrenders will be able to keep its App users notified of all new social media trends for their location. 

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